It is not a crime to marry after you retirement; so go ahead

It is not a crime to marry after you retirement; so go ahead

It is said that people who are married or get married after their retirement may live longer than those who are single. It is with that reason that I hereby express the fact that you are always free to get married as soon as you retire. Your work might have been your source of comfort and pleasure but now that you are retiring, you need a partner who will replace your work and a person who will help you live longer. For some seniors who have never been married, marrying might not be something so easy. It might be something that you can just wake up one day and do but it is worth a try.

Benefits of getting married or getting a partner when you retire

The first benefit that you will accrue from getting married soon after your retirement is that your age deserves a helper. I helper might come in form of a house help or even a woman who you will share an intimate relationship with. In considering to marry a woman who will help you with day to day chaos, you will have succeeded in getting yourself a helper. You will agree with me that we seniors tent to feel like we are tired and not aggressive enough to do those things that we were used to doing when we were still working or even when we were still at mid-50s. Getting yourself a helper is very crucial as it will solve such problems.

Marrying after retirement rejuvenates your life

How life does gets rejuvenated? It gets rejuvenated whenever we are happy. When seniors are happy, days tend to fly faster and a day might seem an hour because they fly. In that case, if you are a senior aged 65 and above, it is important to rejuvenate your life by simply ensuring that you marry or find a partner whom you will share intimacy with. Far from being you helper, she/he will certainly help keep you house, life and body very warm. When your life is full of warmth then I bet that you will even live longer and even refuse to leave this world.

Marrying is a source of satisfaction for seniors

When you marry at the age of 65, you will be placed in a position where you will basically feel like there is nothing else you need. Having a partner make you want nothing more but him/her. That is what we call satisfaction.

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