There are always lessons that can be learned when we get involved and compete in order to achieve some of our goals. From the beginning making a clear picture how sports can teach life.

There are a lot of famous athletes that have their own story, succeeded in their own way, made sacrifices and gave attempts but in any point they didn’t give up on believing so that’s why they are famous after all.


One of the things that we can learn from famous athletes is: don’t panic if you haven’t found success at certain age. If you keep trying, your time will come. This is as clear as possible. Success doesn’t come when we want, and doesn’t come expectedly. Just the reverse it comes when we are not expecting it at all, so the lesson here is to be patient and wait. Wait for you opportunities, wait for your ideas to get realized, wait for things to come but not just standing in the corner but fighting for what you think you deserve, because nothing comes to you if you don’t work and if you don’t put effort on it.


Regina Brett is a famous author that in her book : “God never blinks” wrote “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” I relate this with Michael Jordan. He maybe didn’t dress up for Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, but he showed up for sure. He then suffered from flu-like symptoms throughout the game but still he managed to put up even 38 points for the victory of his Chicago Bulls. That was one of his most memorable performances. In this story there is for sure something that we can learn from him


Life is not fair, it’s just not. We all sometime thought of this as the greatest truth it can be. But no one knows that almost every athlete who has been worked over by refers to.

M.D. Jennings knows that and he feels it about replacement refs. Or maybe Armando Galarraga in 2010 he pitched a perfect game for the Detroit Tigers only it won’t look that way in the records books.The big dreams need focused plans. Of course most athletes don’t just randomly work out. They are aware of the strategic workouts and how they give equal better results. Their plan is to target weak areas and improve on strengths. If one has big life goal, like for example starting a whole new business, paying off debt or bringing a new idea to life, you need to have a plan in order to ensure the success. You can think about it as climbing a mountain. You need to plan each step of the journey. Some time eventually, you’ll met the goal and enjoy the view. As for sure no one will  get to the top of the mountain in just one big step or even if it was one big jump. – unless they are superman.


For me really important thing in order to conclude this article is the fact that we can learn from the famous athletes how to seek for progress over perfection.

Like everyone has their own and unique journey. So many times, we got frustrated that someone else is further along the path. So the goals must change. We should no longer want to be better than others, but to be better than the person we used to be yesterday. When always looking to the distant future, you are faced with an unpleasant present.  We must be aware and don’t get so caught up in the person we want to be someday and don’t appreciate where we are now. Because so many people live life in the future tense. They believe that when they achieve goal they will be happy. It is hard way to go through life. And the most important thing here is to learn to be happy during the process not only at the end of it, that is for sure something I can see in every famous athlete because I believe they wouldn’t came as far as they are at the right moment without believing and being happy living their lives.


And after all live outside the comfort zone, because all athletes know the true change will only come with challenges, and you can’t be challenged if you life within your comfort zone. I believe top athletes sign up for races that scare them silly because they are aware if they sit back, they are soon going to be on the sidelines.

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