You need to exercise your mind ad make it active at all time

You need to exercise your mind ad make it active at all time

As much as we have always considered retirement as a time to rest and a time to shut down completely from work and stressful situations, it is very crucial for you to be aware of the fact you need to remain both physically and mentally active. However, in this issues, I would like us to discuss why you need to remain mentally active and how to make sure that you remain mentally active all through to the age of a hundred years if God wishes you to live that long.

How can you make you mind active

There are two main ways of making sure that your mind remains active. The first way is by considering the need to continue learning. In some countries, the government has made it open for seniors to study for free if they wish to. With that, you need to make sure that you take advantage of these government sponsored studies. On the other hand you might have had an ambition to study more and more but you couldn’t do it because the nature of your work did not allow you to do so. Now that you have retired, it is very crucial to make sure that you follow your dreams and satisfy your ambitions.

The second way I which you can make you mind active is by lecturing other either voluntarily or for a small fee. Did you know that you can actually lecture young students for free and even find ways of having a talk with them? As much as much as you would like to enlighten them on certain issues that were part of your profession before, you will also see that you are actually educating yourself further. Since knowledge has no end, you will realize that you continue learning on daily basis. That is how your mind will always remain active.

Why exercise your mind

There are two reasons why you need to exercise your mind. The first reason is that your mind will be in a position to help you be a dependent person. Being dependent is basically being able to do things on your own because your cognitive abilities are still up to the mark. Secondly, exercising your mind is important as it put you in a position where you can’t ask for assistance from someone. Your mind will always be at its best to remember and execute person issues.

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